For the passionate reader who would love to make money working with books and content.

Imagine proofreading and copyediting even if you don't have a degree. Are you ready to...

  • Do something with your love of words? Imagine getting paid to read and fix errors in books and other kinds of content.

  • Work in publishing? Imagine working with authors and editors, and having an integral role in creating a great book.

  • Work while you travel? Imagine having a job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, or gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule.

  • Make extra money? Imagine starting a side hustle as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor that fits perfectly into your schedule and brings you extra income.

  • Start freelancing? Imagine having the flexibility to set your own hours so you can focus on your family or hobbies.

Have you always dreamed of fixing errors in books but feel stuck because you’re overwhelmed by all the language rules and don’t know how to start?

Hi, I'm Phon! I created this unique course after working in the industry for 16+ years. In that time, I’ve proofread and copyedited over 1,600 books, as well as content including magazines, corporate copy, websites, and much more. I want you to learn proofreading and copyediting skills so you can work on all kinds of content, including fiction and nonfiction books. You don't have to enrol in multiple courses and spend extra money to learn the skills you need — you can learn it all in one course, from an industry professional. You'll learn to work EXACTLY like my cohorts and I do. Have more questions? Scroll down to read our FAQs!

Hear from graduates of High-Level Proofreading Pro

"This course has been wonderful!"

— Erin K.

"I have always been the in-house proofer (family, friends, work), but this course gave me the extra bit of knowledge to really excel. I also found a job as a manuscript proofreader through the links in Module 8!"

"This course was so thorough."

— Andrea J.

"If you are someone that loves words, grammar and reading and probably already makes proofreading corrections as you read, then this is the course you need. You will elevate your skills and thoroughly learn this industry! The price is very reasonable for all that you will learn and the self-paced style is ideal. It covered everything from grammar review to helping you find your niche to the more technical ins and outs of the industry. I started with a love of language and words and a natural ability to spot errors and now I am leaving feeling armed to be a professional in this arena. Thank you!"

"Thank you, Phon!"

— Kristy L.

"When I decided to take this course, I was honest with Phon Baillie, expressing my concerns and doubts after reading about other courses offered online. She always returned my emails and provided me with additional information that gave me the certainty I needed in Proofreading Pro. Today I have all the resources to continue learning and practicing. Today I know what are my strengths and weaknesses in proofreading. And I know I have the support I need from an expert to provide me with feedbacks and encouragements."

"It's just perfect for me!"

— Crystal W.

"I was so excited to get started! I don't feel alone at all, and that I was provided with many resources for help. A huge thank you and I look forward to the success I will bring to myself, my family, and many others."

"It's great—I'm very happy!"

— Meg M.

"It was helpful to practice and learn from someone who proofreads professionally. I enjoy proofreading in my personal life but only insofar as noticing errors in what I read for pleasure. I've always wondered if it could be a job option. I'm grateful that you've expanded my worldview. I really appreciate everything about this course. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed it!"

— Juli B.

"It was very informative and I enjoyed it! The course was well designed and put together, with a lot of really good information."

"It made me feel more confident."

— Kiara T.

"Overall great course. The information was clear and straight to the point, which is a plus for me. I appreciate that the course was so informational and clear to understand."

The next step towards working with books and content is High-Level Proofreading Pro

Pro Benefits

  • Unique

    This is the only course available that teaches you proofreading & copyediting skills. You'll be able to work on more projects and make more money.

  • Comprehensive Skills

    The skills you'll learn come from my 16 years of industry experience. With these skills you can be a professional proofreader and copyeditor in any industry, and work on various content.

  • Book Publishing

    Working with books requires a knowledge of specific editorial skills and processes. We have a dedicated module and exercises just for books. You'll learn how to work on traditional or self-published fiction and nonfiction books.

  • Versatility

    Our curriculum prepares you to meet various job opportunities related to proofreading and copyediting. Open more doors and build a bigger network.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Every proofreader and copyeditor needs to do their due diligence. You will learn a range of research and correcting methodologies that can be applied to all kinds of content.

  • Drive Content

    Content creators want their words to convert and build authority. High-level proofreading will help you meet their demands and go beyond expectations. Powerful content depends on it.

  • Market Yourself

    Discover various ways to market yourself and to increase your visibility in the online space. You can accomplish this for practically free, and without paying for memberships.

Learn Proofreading & Copyediting In Under A Month

Beyond Curriculum

  • Learning Hub

    This exclusive learning environment is for students to further develop their proofreading and copyediting skills through additional training material. The material is tailored to build on what you’ve learned so you can gain more experience after course completion.

  • Personalized Feedback & Support

    I personally evaluate your final assignment, and track your skills development so you receive personalized feedback. I'm here to support you and add value to your experience. You're not alone.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon successfully completing the program, you receive a certificate of completion. As a symbol for graduating in High-Level Proofreading Pro, the certificate of completion can be used on your resume as an educational achievement.

Who Is High-Level Proofreading Pro For?

Beginners and people with some experience proofreading. If you want to meet the skills that today's content demands, this course will give you the necessary proofreading and copyediting skills you need to work on the most common issues, no matter where you're starting from.

People who want to meet current job requirements. As content creation has grown, clients are asking for proofreaders who can go beyond traditional proofreading duties. That's why you learn copyediting.

People who have a goal. Why? Because it takes dedication and hard work, regardless if you're looking to start a side hustle, freelance from anywhere, or work in-house. 

Who Is It NOT For?

“Get rich quick” seekers. This course isn’t for people who think the course will guarantee you an immediate job. You have to put in the work to see results, and this course is to educate you, not act as a recruiter. I’ll teach you how to market yourself and find work, as well as how to communicate and work with publishers and content creators.

“Know-It-Alls.” It’s great you already have a natural talent with words, but are you willing to let go of assumptions and learn? The English language can be tricky, so you can never assume there’s only one way to do something. Also, learn rules and guidelines so you know when to break the rules.

Course Curriculum

Learn how you want in this self-paced course. After its completion, all students of High-Level Proofreading Pro will have access to our exclusive Learning Hub where graduates go to further develop their skills.

  • Module 1: Intro To Proofreading & Copyediting

  • Module 2: Common Mechanical Errors & How To Fix Them

  • Module 3: Proofreading & Copyediting Visual Content & Working Offline

  • Module 4: Preserving Style

  • Module 5: Proofreading & Copyediting With Editing Programs

  • Module 6: Understanding & Working With Diverse Content

  • Module 7: Proofreading & Copyediting Books

  • Module 8: Marketing Yourself, Gaining Experience, and Business Matters

  • Bonus Module 1: Social Media Marketing

  • Bonus Module 2: How To Overcome Editors' Imposter Syndrome

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  • Is it hard to learn copyediting? And do I have to be a grammar expert?

    I have firsthand knowledge of publishing, and can assure you that learning copyediting is not scary at all. :) In fact, sometimes proofreading and copyediting overlap. Our course teaches you light to moderate copyediting skills, which is what the majority of clients need. And no, you don't have to be a grammar expert at all! The course has been designed so you learn both skills easily. The amount of time you put into learning proofreading, you can also put into learning copyediting, as well. Now your LinkedIn profile can say "proofreader AND copyeditor"!

  • Will I be able to work on books?

    As an editor who has been working in book publishing for over 16 years, I guarantee you will learn all the necessary editorial skills you need to work on traditional and self-published books in the course. I also contribute my extensive insight and experience as an editor to help students understand the publishing industry.

  • Do you teach UK English?

    Yes, I do! You learn how to proofread and copyedit US & UK English. I'm Canadian, so I have comprehensive knowledge of both language styles. You'll be able to work with global and large-scale clients.

  • How long does it take to do the course?

    High-Level Proofreading Pro is self-paced. When you enroll you have immediate access to the first two modules. After that, two modules are released every five days. When you've gone through all the modules you can move through the course unrestricted. Some students take their time, while others like to move at a faster pace.

  • I don't live in North America. Can I still take the course and work as a proofreader?

    Absolutely! Proofreading and copyediting are location independent skills. That means it doesn't matter where you live. As long as you have an internet connection, you can communicate with clients, market yourself, and find work.

  • Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    I know you're going to love this course! However, if you're not satisfied with the comprehensive lessons, we offer a 7-day conditional refund starting from the date of enrolment. That means that if you do the exercises and quizzes that are available to you, and you decide the course isn't for you, then we will be happy to grant you a prompt and courteous refund. However, if your request falls outside of the 7 day period, we cannot fulfill your request. We honour our commitment to you and expect you to honour yours. As for guarantees, everyone's learning experience, goals, and desired results are different, so I cannot guarantee a specific outcome.

  • Do you help me find work?

    I teach you how to market yourself, set up your site, and look for work, but I don't offer employment services. This course is training and preparation for working as a proofreader and copyeditor. It is up to you to market yourself, find work, and approach potential clients. Your level of success depends on the effort you put in.

  • Am I able to contact you if I'm having a problem?

    Of course! You can leave a comment in the lessons or contact me privately via email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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